Projects API is for reporting on pricing project states and to aid in building custom quote flows

Retrieve all projects

This will retrieve all projects within your account. It will show the latest published version along with other useful project details.

Retrieve a specific project

This will show a specific project with the latest published version, all versions to date and their status.

Each project has a unique project_reference and each version has a unique version_reference.

Retrieve all project versions

Project versions can be returned in bulk or filtered via the summary change log (using ?summary)


or via project_reference


Help building your own quote flows

This is a public API endpoint. You can hit this endpoint for client-side code by just providing client_id_key in the header. View authentication to find out more. Public APIs have /public/ within the endpoint url.

The public project endpoint will return all the input parameters needed for a Swallow pricing project and all the lists of data options (generated by factor table data). This allows you to build custom and validated custom quote flows.

The quote flows can be programmatic (aggregator integrations) or via custom build user interfaces (within an app or website).

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